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Structural Drying

There is often a misconception that the only water damage that has occurred is what can be seen, unfortunately this is not always the case. While the carpets and contents of your home or business are the most obviously affected by moisture, the structures may often be wet as well and unfortunately can be difficult to detect because dampness tends to settle in the substrate. Water also tends to wick vertically up the walls and depending on what the walls are made off, some walls can be as absorbent as cardboard. Properties with wall insulation will also need to keep this mind as insulation can soak up moisture like a sponge.

Identifying how much damage your home or business has really suffered due to water damage is not always easy. Our ITI and IICRC Trained and Certified technicians can ascertain the extent of the damage to the structure of your property and restore it to pre-water damage condition.

This is done by conducting a thorough examination using state of the art imaging technology and high-tech drying equipment to get all the moisture out of the property.

Crime Scene Clean Up is based in Brisbane and our primary Service Area is Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and South East Queensland (SEQ) but we also work outside this area, so feel free to Contact Us with any questions you may have.

Call our trained remediation experts for further information 24hrs a day on 07 3136 1363.

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